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Spring Love Jarcuterie Board

Take all your favourite seasonal charcuterie board foods and make them social distancing-friendly with these Spring-themed Jarcuterie appetizers!
Prep Time7 mins
Course: Appetizer, Side Dish
Cuisine: American, Canadian, Italian
Keyword: blueberries, breadsticks, charcuterie, cheese, holiday entertaining, jarcuterie, peas, pistachios, pretzels, prosciutto, raspberries, Spring menu
Author: House of Kerrs


  • 8 oz. canning jars
  • food skewers & bamboo sticks (*any - various lengths*)
  • *Optional: adhesive Jute tape*


The Base

  • Pistachios *no shell, lightly salted - we used Wonderful*
  • Pretzel bites *for a nut-free base - we used Goldfish pretzels*

Charcuterie Food Skewers

  • cantaloupe cut into slices
  • honey dew melon cut into slices
  • Raspberries
  • Red Grapes seedless
  • Blueberries
  • Cocktail Bocconcini cheese 2 per skewer/jar
  • Fresh basil leaves
  • Mini pickled cucumbers "Cornichons" *we use Maille or Stonewall Kitchen*
  • Prosciutto thinly sliced
  • Genoa Salami thinly sliced
  • Baby Figs Cut in half
  • Green Olives *pitted - we used Bertolli's "Tuscan" version
  • English Cucumber *sliced in circles
  • Radish *cut into half-moon shape*
  • Yellow Cheese *we use Babybel (light minis) or cut Friulano Cheese*
  • Cauliflower *to make purplish-pink, add cut cauliflower to a jar filled with pickled beet juice the night before you make these*

Stand Alone Vegetables

  • Mini Cucumbers Cut in quarters, length-wise
  • Yellow Bell Peppers Cut into thin strips, length-wise
  • Sugar Snap Peas sliced & opened down the center to look like flower leaves; we like the stringless ones by MANN'S

Crackers & Garnish

  • Rosemary & Sea Salt Flatbreads *from Longos*
  • Bread Sticks *broken in half - we love Bertozzi's Whole Wheat sticks*
  • Fresh Rosemary Sprigs *1 per jar; fresh dill & chives would work as a substitute*


Jarcuterie Prep

  • Cut your vegetables, fruit & cheeses and lay out on one large board or platter with all other ingredients before you begin building your Spring Jarcuterie board.

SPRING Word Fruit Kebabs, Flower-shaped Cheese & Berry Skewers

  • Use your mini fruit/veg cutters to spell S-P-R-I-N-G, alternating between the cantaloupe & honey dew. You could also spell things like EASTER or your child's name for their BIRTHDAY!
    Take your skewer, and add bocconcini, basil, your fruit word, basil, then another bocconcini!
    Spring Word Food Kebabs for Jarcuterie
  • Take your sliced or unwrapped cheese + English cucumber slices & cut out flowers with a food cutter. Skewer the cauliflower, cheese + cucumber flowers & radish on a stick (*NOTE: you may need to cut the skewers shorter to fit nicely in your jars*).
  • Add your favourite berries to another skewer in whatever pattern you fancy. We made ours starting with a raspberry, then 3 blueberries & finished with a red grape (which is hard to see in the image because it's at the bottom of the jar).
    Spring Jarcuterie Board Berry skewers

Cured Meats & Condiments Skewers

  • Fan the salami & prosciutto, then skewer with your mini figs & top with a large green olive or Cornichons.
    Spring Jarcuterie cured meats skewer with prosciutto, salami, baby fig and green olives

How to Build Your Spring Love Jarcuterie Board

  • *Optional: add adhesive jute to the outside of each jar by premeasuring the length to fit around the circumference & then doing a rolling stick-on.
    adhesive jute for jarcuterie mason jars
  • Add your no shell pistachios or nut-free pretzels to the base of each jar. Then, add your pre-made meat, cheese, veg & fruit skewers/kebabs (*I added the SPRING word kebab last to keep it at the front*). Finally, add loose foods - cucumber, peppers, bread sticks, flatbreads, green garnish - staggering & playing around with them until you like where they land. Pop in your favourite Spring flower for added elegance! That's it! Fun, right?! Enjoy these Spring Love Jarcuterie Board appetizers!
    How to build a Spring Love Jarcuterie Board


Spring Themed Jarcuterie appetizer board

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